How display an element html only in mobile version

How you can display and show an element in html or javascript in html on Blogger. We can add a lot of element in our blog, but it's very important create a mobile and a desktop version to have a perfect site. We can add a mobile banner of adsense in mobile version, but we do not see it in desktop version. So we can add a simply code in our blogger html. 

It's very simply to obtain a perfect result on your blog! Because we can choose which the elements we want to add on the mobile version and which we want that appear only in desktop version. It is very important, because the browser see how much fast is our site and give us more point in position on the search engine or it can us downgrade. We can see how you make it:
  • Go to the HTML  model of your blog. 
  • Now search the element, that you want to visualise only in mobile version
  • Copy the code in the box below and change the comments with your code, the first for mobile version, the second for desktop version.
  • Now you can copy all the code and paste it on you html model. 

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