How change cabin air filter on Nissan Murano

How you can change the air cabin filter of your Nissan Murano Z51? This guide regards the model 2.5 dci with 190 hp diesel from 2010 to 2016 in Europe, becuase the position of the filter is different in the 3.5 liter gasoline. The cabin filter is located in the right side of the passenger compartment. 

We need a hex screwdriver, and the new air cabin filter. It is not very difficult, but the first time you must pay attention. 

  • You must disassemble the part under the passenger's drawer, in the left part of the passenger's seat. As in the image:

  • You must pull towards you from the center and from the part under the drawer.
  • Under the drawer there is a plastic piece, fixed by three hexagonal screws, then you can pull toward you and disassemble the piece. 

  • Now you will see a rectangular plastic piece, you must remove this part and inside there is the air cabin filter. 

  • You must to press and compress it to remove and to insert the new filter. 
It is simply now, really?

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